Frank Lloyd Wright (American, 1867-1959)

Pacific Dwelling for Mr. and Mrs. Morris, San Francisco, 1945

VC Morris commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build a gallery on Maiden Lane in San Francisco. While working together, Wright proposed this mansion for Morris’ dramatic lot in San Francisco’s Seacliff neighborhood. Morris considered Wright’s first design too elaborate (top). He asked Wright to dial it back. The bottom image shows the toned-down version haha. It was never built; Morris’ Xanadu Gallery is Wright’s only San Francisco building.

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Fisheh Fisheh Of Death Answer:

6) What kind of people are you attracted to?
Assholes with a heart of gold! But really, people who have a sense of humour I can work with and who aren’t malicious.
11) What does your most recent text say?
*technically* my last text was me fixing a typo but this is more substantial “no, you are genuinely one of my best friends, don’t worry about that lol. I just find it odd that if I want to have a conversation with Evan or someone I have to meet up with them and see them for hours or face the never-ending text chat limbo.”
15) What good thing happened this summer?
I actually see people for once instead of being a hermit and wondering why I’m bored.
44) Trip to outer space, or the bottom of the ocean?
Neither! I’m not a fan of endless freezing vaccumes of radiation or crushing pressures; both make me anxious just thinking of them!
71) Craving something? What?
umm… Idk… some watermelon would be ok :/?